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Monday was our first work day at Promesa Divina!!

 All six operators showed up on time and immediately began working. It took quite a bit of “figuring” but soon the tanques were set in their new homes and the 4×8 plywood sheet was attached to the wall. Nothing missing so far. Translators are awesome. Stil a few lingering concerns but I believe Curt was pleased with the progress.

The Adult Educators showed up too. Nine! This was a managable number and we soon were informed that few of the Adult Educators could read or write Spanish because they were not allowed to go to school. So, much of the class was conducted in their native Quichua. Very odd sounding language. Raquel Poz Diaz says is nothing like Quiche (Guatemalan indigenous language). That surprized me.

The El Molino Hotel is nice. Looks and smells clean. Attractive. Marginal but edible breakfast.

We are making lots of friends. We had 17 people at dinner last night !!! It is a little pricey but the relaxed conversation with our volunteers and new friends is invaluable. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

George and Sheree Wuertz, Daniel and Nathan are here, with Melanie Swift (Sheree’s mother), and it is great to have them with us. Daniel and Nathan are a real joy to have around. George is a big help with the install team, and Sheree is working with the Education Team (but I am pretty sure she doesn’t understand the Quichua). Oh, well.

I met with the University and they have asked me to speak at the University on Saturday about Water Scarcity, Gender Empowerment, World Hunger. That should be interesting.

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