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After quite a “haul” up the mountains in the bumpy van, we finally made it to Riobamba.  Upon on arrival, Promesa Divina called and said they were waiting on us for Church at 5:30 pm.  So, we all got back on the Van and drove up to 12,000 feet elevation and enjoyed a wonderful Church service in Spanish, English, and Quichua.  It was truly awesome and we all felt God’s presence.  The Choir sang for us and now I understand what it means “from the abundance of our hearts, the mouth speaks”.  It was a great day.

We met two of our new translators: Krista and Oren.  They are with the Peace Corp and  they are working in health education.  So, we feel very blessed.

We unloaded all of our 50 pound suitcases.  The Water Room looks good.  It has ceramic tile on the floors, our water table has been completed (almost), they have the bottles, caps, tanques, and even Curt was pleased.

Pastor Fernandez was NOT there today because he is a guest speakerat a Church in Quito.  But, all of the Elders were there and they said they are ready to start the installation and education TOMORROW.  Do not delay. 

It is VERY cold here.  We are all freezing.

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