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Benard’s Vision Orphanage, School, and Medical Center, Wacharra, Kenya

By September 16, 2021March 27th, 2023No Comments

This project has been only a dream for five years. At the conclusion of our water installation at Tanzania, our team of professionals left for Wacharra, Kenya, to install a new Water Purification System at Benard’s Vision Orphanage, School, and Medical Center. After a few hiccups at the border and several hundred dollars lighter, our team arrived in Wacharra, Kenya, and began the installation.

It was a great blessing to have four local widows join our Education Team. It is a struggle for widows in Kenya. Few women can find paying jobs, so if they are widowed, it is very difficult for them to buy food, water, shelter, and the basic necessities of life. Agua Viva is providing a great opportunity for these women to sell water and sustain themselves and their families, as well as the community.

Our team had a few challenges, but they were able to have the system up and operating by Saturday, just in time for a huge celebration. “The water tastes SOOOO good!”, said Pastor Ondiek. The next day, Pastor Onkeik was off to Nairobi to begin the process of getting a permit from Kenya to sell water, and to sustain the operation.

Pastor Ondiek told me yesterday, that the Wacharra Orphanage is also providing purified drinking water to the Ahero site also!! Now, Agua Viva is serving TWO orphanages in Kenya!! A real live testament to the great opportunity for clean drinking water in Kenya.