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At the Nyasaka Free Methodist Church, in Mwanza, Tanzania, our friends completed the last step of a lengthy project, which began before CoVid 19. First step started in May of 2019, and included digging their existing well 30 feet deeper, from 40 feet deep to 70 feet. Second step was a full-blown installation of a multi-stage sand filter. The last and final step, completed July 31, 2021, was a full LWftW Standard Board and, of course, a huge Celebration with the local officials, the community, and our new Church friends.

We are so proud of our new friends in Africa. The Agua Viva water committee at Nyasaka has taken charge of strategies to distribute and sell water. They are so awesome: Yusuph Emmanuel Sabato, Kashindi Charles, Seth Mlenda, Pastor Yessee Mlongecha, and Pastor Joshua Miyumo. With this great leadership, our hope is that the Agua Viva System will provide purified drinking water for years to come!