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Huehuetanango Team Refections: Education and Evangelism

By August 23, 2016March 27th, 2023No Comments

The Education Team:

Jared, Deanna, and Nancy along with interpreters Anna and Stephanie, trained a group of four adult Guatemalan teachers to share the principles of hygiene to the rest of the community, using the curriculum that AVI compiled. These teachers were so great. They took the material and really made it their own. As the adult educators presented information they learned to students, both students and educators were very engaged and responsive.  Everyone especially enjoyed acting out the Bible story, “Crossing the Red Sea!”  We are confident they’re going to do a great job and help change the attitude of the community with regard to the need to use of purified water for drinking, brushing teeth, cooking and childcare.

The Evangelism Team:

On the evangelism side of things, Nick and I (Jared Orr) had the chance to pray with several different individuals in the marketplace and at a local college. The reactions varied. A couple of the ladies in the marketplace started crying because they were having trouble making ends meet. But no matter who we were praying with, we made sure that they knew that a relationship with Jesus was what they needed most. I look forward to doing even more evangelism on the next trip. I think this trip was a “priming of the pump” for Agua Viva evangelism. God was clearly moving in the interactions that we had.
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