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Huehuetanango Team Reflections: Getting There

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The following are stories gathered from members of Agua Viva’s recent trip to Huehuetanango, Guatemala. Stay tuned over the course of the next 5 weeks for the series of reflections.

Getting There: June 11th, 2016 

On June 11, ten well-equipped Americans arrived at KCI at 4:00am to fly to Guatemala City via Houston.  By well equipped, I mean we were loaded with 16 checked bags with water purification equipment, educational supplies, peanut butter and jelly just in case, dental equipment, including lydacaine, syringes, and other questionable items.  Extra bags (we had 6) now cost a shocking $84 each.  We are looking for ways to transport less equipment and store more things in country to lower these costs, but you can’t always find K-Y Jelly (for the o-rings in the system!) in country as we learned.  Ideas are welcome!

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We hustled through our connecting flight in the Houston airport lugging the dental unit which Jared protected with his life as a carry-on, to make our quick connection to Guatemala City.

Upon entering the security checkpoint in Guatemala, a camo-dressed guard approached the group.We were nervous for a second until we noticed that he was wearing a big smile. He introduced himself… he said that he knew we were Christians, because he could sense the Holy Spirit as soon as we stepped in the room. He told us more about himself and complimented us on being willing to take the good news of Jesus to his country. That was our first ten minutes in Guatemala.

We collected our bags and were delighted to see Mario’s face peering through the crowd to receive us and guide us to the bus. Settling in for the usual 30 minute drive though the city, we spent three hours trying to get OUT of Guatemala City traffic.

We learned that Saturaday afternoon traffic is horrendous turning our four hour itenerary into about 7 hours.  We finally arrived in Quetzaltenango, our first overnight stop.  Hotel Anna in Xela (Quetzaltenango) was quiet, very comforable, and we all slept soundly.


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