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Next stop: El Fortin, Ecuador. Through our good friend George Wuertz, a missionary friend in Cuenca, Agua Viva was introduced to a large “invasion community” near Guayaquil. This very poor community was created in about 2001 when the Ecuadorian currency collapsed. Tens of thousands of people fled the cities and assembled at El Fortin. There is no clean water in this community. So, at a local church Iglesia Cristiana Evangelico, Agua Viva was invited to provide a full installation and before the end of the week, pure clean drinking water was tasted with smiles and hugs. Although the smallest water room, this community had the greatest hope and ambition. Before the end of the month, this ambitious church was already in full production. Helena Fernandez and Maria Cepeda, from Colta Monjas Ecuador, conducted our education program. Agua Viva was further blessed to conduct five site investigation in the Guamote area and Ainche/Ulpan. Four of the five sites are ready to partner with Rotary International and Agua Viva and plans are being made for installations at each of the four sites. How cool is that?!