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In June, 2016, 12 Agua Viva volunteers travelled to an orphanage in the city of Huehuetenango, Guatemala. The orphanage, Fundación Salvación, is home to 120 orphans. Director, Alycia Harrah, was thrilled that we transported our mobile dental care unit so a team of Guatemalan dentists including Raquel Poz Diaz and Wendy Calderon along with trained volunteer hygienists could provide full dental service to each child as well as many of the adult workers. Though filled with challenges, Agua Viva successfully installed a complete operative water purification system and bottling operation. Agua Viva was pleased to hear that, in only one month, Fundación Salvación was already selling pure clean ozonated water in their Coffee Shop, and Ms. Harrah was very pleased! As of summer of 2018, the filtration system is operating and supplying pure water to the children at Fundación Salvación.

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