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Reflexiones de Moises: Blog 5; Education

By April 26, 2015March 27th, 2023No Comments

One of the great highlights of our water installations is the health and hygiene education.  Agua Viva utilizes much of the curriculum from Living Waters for the World (with certain enhancements) and it is just perfect for these projects and these communities.  At this project, two young intelligent indigenous Quichue girls have been trained by Agua Viva and they present the program in their native tongue.  Ecuador March 2015 Blog 5aIt is extremely well received and we are overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and commitment to “affect change” in their communities.
The tenants of our Education Program will not change overnight.  Changing their culture and habits regarding hygiene will take years to implement, but “let’s get started”, they said!
Ecuador March 2015 Blog 5bAll of the new “teachers” participated in the activities during the morning and then most of them returned to their work in the fields of this agricultural community.  We are reminded of the sacrifice these people take to participate in our programs.  But, it is so important to them.  They wil all be working late tonight cultivating and harvesting their vegetables by hand.

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