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Blog 1 – What Madeers

By September 23, 2014March 27th, 2023No Comments

Ecuador 2014 – Preparing to GO.
This Sunday (9/28/14) Brian Seabaugh and Curt Mader will be leaving for Ecuador, traveling to two new potential installation sites, plus making follow up visits to our installations in Colta (Promesa Divina), Jipangato and Gompuene. Our new site visits will be in Guayaquil (SW coastal area) and in the Amazon region east of Riobamba. We will be meeting up with our friends Maritza Yanez and George Wertz who will be meeting with us in Guayaquil and traveling with us between 9/28/14 and 10/6/14. Bags are almost packed and ready to go.

More to come.



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