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Reflexiones de Moises; Guatemala 2014, Blog Four, NOT Water

By July 3, 2014March 27th, 2023No Comments

When Agua Viva arrives in our targeted communities to share “water”, we often discover other needs that are as great or greater than “pure drinking water”. We call this “Not Water”. For example, it is hard to provide clean drinking water in a community if they don’t even have a bathroom in the community. So, in Ecuador, Agua Viva found itself building bathrooms IN ADDITION TO providing a water purification system.DSCN0433

Another such instance of “NOT water” came two years ago. One of our operators in Las Cruces, Franklin, told one of our Agua Viva Volunteers, his heart felt dream of owning and operating a pig farm someday. If he could just save up enough money to buy a “a few little pigs”. Upon our return to the United States, our Volunteer and Board Member (Nancy Allen) decided to try to raise some money to help Franklin’s dream come true. What could Franklin do with $500.00??DSCN0437

During our trip, we were overwhelmed to see the “harvest” of this small investment. PIGS !! Big Pigs !! Big Pregnant Pigs. I must say, even I was impressed. It was marvelous to see how a little bit of money and a big blessing for a God honored effort can change the lives of so many people. These seven little piglets are now “big beautiful mommas” and four of them are getting ready to have 13 piglets each. God is amazing.DSCN0445

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