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Reflexiones de Moises; Blog Fifteen; Raquel Poz Diaz

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Maybe I should take a few moments to tell you about Raquel Poz Diaz.












Raquel is the granddaughter of Don Pablo. Don Pablo was a “Oak of Righteousness” in Cantel, Guatemala. Through constant prayer and raw perseverance, he laid the foundation for Colegio Mark in Cantel, Guatemala, serving the indigenous Quiche community with Christian alternative education. Raquel is the daughter of Jacinto Poz Pom who continues the work of his father and is presently the principal of the school.
Raquel is now in dental school and I believe she will graduate in the next couple of years. Colegio Mark has now begun construction of a new dental clinic, where possibly, Raquel will someday practice her new skills.
She has a dog named Rocky.

imageAgua Viva has been very blessed to have Raquel on our team. This was one of our very best decisions to include her on our Team. During our first trip to Ecuador 2012, Raquel was our lead Educator. Her first job in Ecuador was to educate two fine young women at Promesa Divina; Elena and Rosa. And, now carrying on Raquel’s work, Elena and Rosa provided the education at Gompuene, Ecuador in 2013. And, while Elena and Rosa were carrying “torch” at Gompuene, Raquel was providing dentistry DSC_0199.Compressedat Gompuene and Jipongato. I hope you can see the energy and impact that her persona has brought to the Team.
One of our very first amazing experiences with Raquel was at Eben Ezer, in Guatemala. Isaac, Wendy, and Raquel assisted us with the education components. My very fondest memory of our Agua Viva Education Program was Raquel and Wendy demonstrating the use of dental floss on the stage during our massive celebration. I don’t think we could ever reproduce such an amazing and impactful program for our children.
I heard many nice comments about Raquel’s work this last trip. Her sweet quiet manner was a true blessing for the children and a wonderful model for Agua Viva. You can’t put a price tag on something like this. Her presence is priceless. If I could ask for one blessing for all of our Volunteers, it would be for them to experience “Raquel” and become her friend and companion. It is the definition of “joy” and deep down inside it is this God-honored reward that Agua Viva hopes to bring to our new friends here in the United States and in our targeted communities.


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