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Reflexiones de Moises; Blog Seven

By November 6, 2013March 27th, 2023No Comments

As Agua Viva gets involved in our host communities, we frequently notice other “overwhelming” needs.  These are needs we call “Not Water”.

We have encountered these “Not Water” needs on numerous occasions, like, the need for a truck to deliver water bottles, the need for dentistry, and the need for “a pig farm”.

One of the biggest “Not Water” needs has been the need for better sanitation.  Our team was shocked to learn that Gompuene and Jipongato did not have restroom facilities in the community.  It is hard to improve your health with purified drinking water when the community practices open defecation.  I know it sounds gross, but unfortunately this problem is all too real.  Our research at Agua Viva has taught us about the need for better sanitation in the world, but Gompuene and Jipongato were our first direct encounters with this sad reality.  So, Agua Viva took this matter very seriously and we did, in fact, raise enough money to erect a full service public, men’s and women’s, restrooms iDSC_0111n both towns.

We are sure that this investment will pay great dividends in improved health and both communities and public schools are very excited (especially the young ladies) to have this amazing luxury.

Possibly you have heard of the economic theory of “guns and butter”.  Well, let’s just call it “water and not what-ter”.


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