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ColegioParadeGod held off the rain this afternoon and we were able to dedicate the water system to the children at Casa Angelina and in a separate ceremony, to the surrounding community.

Our friends from Colegio Mark brought two bus loads of students from 3 hours away to participate in the festivities. They had a marching band, drama enactment, and choral performance to add to the program.

Just before lunch time, the community of Tululche gathered at the Casa Angelina entrance for a ribbon cutting ceremony which was attended by the president of the local council. We served Agua Viva water, pastries, and handed out bibles to the older children as they passed by the distribution window in the water room and caught a view of the system at work.

WaterWindowAfter lunch the Colegio Mark group arrived and began to set up. The paved lane through the property was the perfect backdrop for the marching band and drama. Afterwards, over 200 people gathered in the feeding center and the ceremony began. Jeff Rommel delivered the message followed by the team, leaders for education and installation handing out certificates to their pupils.

Then the entire group left and walked up the hill to the health clinic where the water room is to tour the facility and sample the water. Just as things were wrapping up, the drops began to fall slowly. We said our goodbyes as the sprinkles got heavier, but God came through on his promise of answered prayers and the afternoon was joyous.

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