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Widows and Orphans

By March 20, 2013March 27th, 2023No Comments

This week James 1:27 has played out in real life. The ministry at Casa Angelina has an outreach that builds homes for widows in the community around the orphanage. Agua Viva International has been blessed with the opportunity to provide pure water to the 100+ orphans at CA, but we’ve been doubly blessed by CA’s widows ministry that will use the water system we’ve provided them with to supply, at low or no cost, water to the surrounding communities– including a number of widows that they have built homes for.Widow Tululche

The AVI team spent part of an afternoon visiting a couple of the widows at their homes and praying for them. When asked what we could pray for her about, the second widow we visited said that God already knew her needs so just pray for her generally. How incredible and personal is her relationship with our creator! The other widow lives with her daughter and grand daughter. The daughter is mentally challenged and was raped, but God has used the grand daughter– who is an adult now– to be the glue that holds the family together. They sang a couple of songs for US!

EdgarCasaAngelinaThe kids at Casa Angelina have been incredible, too. One little boy, Edgar, has only been there for a week. He’s 6 years old and is the size of a typical American 3-4 year old because he’s been so malnourished. They said he was 24 pounds when the state took him from his alcoholic parents and he had to spend six months at a special center to arrive at a point where CA could take him. Our dental team tried to see him but he was a bit resistant. Otherwise, he seems to be adjusting fairly well for such a shock to his system.

All in all, being able to directly touch the least of these this week in the small way that we have is a gift to us from God. As usual, the giver receives as much as the receiver. What an incredible God we have.

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