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One Beautiful Celebration

By July 23, 2012March 27th, 20232 Comments

Everything changed on Sunday at 10:00 am.  With five bottles of beuatiful water, we went back to work and began preparations for the Celebration which started at 12:00 noon.

A large crowd showed up from all over the place.  People from Gonpueana (possible future site), UNACH (the university), and the little girl on the Burrow.

The celebration was awesome.  In Quichua, of course.  I think all of our hearts were touched and changed forever.

At the end of the celebration, Promesa Divina awarded us honorary Triabal Ponchos.

And, of course, we finished our Agua Viva Banner, handed painted by 11 year old Kortney Thompson.

After the Celebration, the children came and put their hand prints on the banner. The banner was pre-prepared by Kortney Thompson…. 11 years old !!!

After the celebration, the team voted and decided to eat the food.  They made special accommodations for our diet, and served us Hava Beans, Potatoes, and BBQ Meatballs.  Wow, was that good.  We had eaten peanut butter all week.

The Agua Team voted and decided to eat with our new friends.

The most spectacular thing was that the Little Girl on the Burrow now has a NAME!!  Ana Llagsha Potajalo.  The Team gave her and her brother a gift package.  And, the shy little girl, hugged us all.  Best part.

The little girl on the burrow.



  • joyce says:

    And, what happened after that? And, this is the first we heard of the Little Girl on the Burrow…what is the story behind her???

    • admin says:

      Moses can tell that story from last year’s site visit when he shared his partially completed sandwich with her. She has become somewhat of a poster child for AVI — literally.

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