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First Problem

By July 23, 2012March 27th, 2023No Comments

Well, on Saturday, the Install Team went to Promesa Divina and attempted to start bottling. It was one big surprize when the water came out dirty and milky looking. We all started panicing and we put the greatest minds together, trying to figure this thing out to no avail. The Install Team, now just Curt, Brian, and I, and the Ecuadorians stayed until 11:00 pm, and we could NOT get that water to clear up. We were very discouraged. One of the Ecuadorians said it would never work and said our work was for nothing.

A lot of prayers were said Saturday.

We called Jeff Rommel and he got things shaking for us back in the states.

On Sunday morning we returned and decided to recirculate the water through the .5 micron filter for a couple of hours. Good thinking Curt and Jeff.  By 10:00 am we had made five bottles of beautiful bottles of pristine clear water.

We were all so thankful. God is good.

The first bottles with our new trained operators.

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