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Agua Viva’s first installation in 2009 was also one of our most complex. With only a single hand-dug well 10 feet deep, the existing water source was inadequate to supply this school of 400 children. Agua Viva, in cooperation with Colonial Presbyterian Church, had a local contractor dig a 200 feet deep well and we hit the jackpot; an abundant artesian “pressurized” aquifer. This system is now one of our best performers. Colegio Mark Mixto Americano is now selling and distributing over 1,000 five gallon bottles a month. Under the strong leadership of Jacinto Poz Pom, Colegio Mark has continued to support nearly every subsequent installation in Guatemala with there technical ability, parts, gifts for the poor, and even their “Marching Band”. Colegio Mark has assembled a large leadership team of five indigenous women who manage and operate this vital water purification and bottling system.

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