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Upon arrival in June of 2012, the water room at Eben Ezer Church was constructed and ready for the installation. Pastor Bonifacio Rodas had eight Adult Educators ready to go and six Operators. The entire team was very pleased when Didier and Franklin, from Huerto de Getsemani showed up to assist with the installation. Progress was swift and the installation was nearing completion after only three days. One of the many great blessings of the trip was that dental students, Raquel Poz Diaz and Wendy Calderon came to provide dental education, hygiene, and fluoridations. Plus, the water team had one of the best groups of translators led by Isaac and Laura. These two components added a wonderful element of warmth. While in Guatemala providing this installation, the Team took this opportunity to visit our first two other installations and we were all very pleased to hear that 100 children from Colegio Mark, our first water system project were planning to join us for the celebration at Iglesia Eben Ezer. An entire bus oad of students showed up demonstrating Colegio Mark’s determination to reach out beyond the walls of their school in the name of Jesus Christ and Clean Water. Agua Viva believes that we have played an important part in this change of paradigm by encouraging our partners to assist with other installations in-country and out-of-country. On the last day in Guatemala, the team travelled to Casa Angelina. This is an orphanage with over one hundred children and they were prime candidate for a water installation. Once the covenant was signed the team agreed to return in March of 2013, completing one of our prime objectives: finding a new site for our next trip. The trip was a huge success and the entire team returned with joy in our hearts knowing that we had forged so many new friendships at Iglesia Eben Ezer.

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