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This is the last day of the year, and your last chance to donate to Agua Viva in 2018.

After every installation, 18 in all, we have a community celebration. We invite the entire village and surrounding areas to come and tour the new water room and experience pure clean ozonated water. We have hundreds of adults and children attend our celebrations. We have a great time.

However, these celebrations are also very humbling. Such great need! So much poverty. So much sickness. We have lots of work to do. So much “irony”. How can these people suffer so much and have so much joy? Well, it is a great lesson of life…. A lesson we can all use.

As I participate in these celebrations, I become greatly committed to continuing this marvelous work. Agua Viva is making a difference. We are giving them exactly what they need. We are enabling them to dramatically improve their quality of life. When I go on follow-up trips years later and see our new friends distributing large quantities of Agua Viva water, I see this new purpose in their lives. These people are lifting themselves up.

Today is the last day of 2018. Our work is not finished. Please consider a year-end tax-deductible donation to Agua Viva.

You can easily make an online donation here.

I promise you that we will change people’s lives with your donation!