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On my first trip to a third world country, I was shocked to see what a horrible impact “parasites” had on the quality of life in these poor and very poor communities. Although seldom lethal, the impact was devastating. First, many children were malnourished because the parasites (worms) would steal the nourishment from the food they were eating, and the parasites were attacking the lining in their stomachs and intestines so that they were unable to absorb essential nutrients. Second, because of severe diarrhea, the children were missing so much school they were unable to get a good education. Third, many of the adults and children had systemic infections of parasites “untreated” for so long that the parasites began to infiltrate other body areas (beyond the digestive system) where they were more difficult to treat and where they caused more complex problems. De-worming medicine is expensive and it is actually common for parasites to go untreated. And, beyond worms, other parasites also were common place with even more serious affects; like amoebas, protozoa’s, giardia, etc.

Fortunately, Agua Viva purified water removes ALL of these parasites from the water. Schools and communities see an immediate improvement in attendance. And, consequently, quality of life improves immediately (like two weeks). Now, contaminated drinking water is NOT the only source of parasites. Under-cooked food, living conditions, and “living in close proximity to farm animals” is also a significant source of parasite infections. But, we begin with pure clean ozonated drinking water and a good “dose” of health and hygiene education. By bringing clean drinking water to the community, we also raise awareness in the community to other ways to prevent “systemic parasite infections” through improved living habits.