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Reflexiones de Moises; Blog Three; Kenya

By December 17, 2018March 27th, 2023No Comments

Sometimes in life we learn about things so profound that we know instinctively that they are the Truth.  Have you ever experienced this?  Maybe when you heard a sermon, or read a book, or listened to a lecture in college or high school.   I have had many such experiences with Agua Viva.  One such experience was reading the book called Benard’s Vision.  This book described a family of refugees in Kenya running from persecutors.  It had to be true.  Nobody could make up a story like that.  I had the God honored experience of meeting the author of this book, Bernard Ondeik.  An amazing servant of God from Kenya.  Curt Mader, Justin Bothwell, and Jim Allen traveled to Kenya in 2017 to meet this amazing man.  Benard manages TWO orphanages in the Kisumu area.  Both orphanages have about 500 orphans;  no parents, no promise of life, and faced with the inevitable hardships of life in these rural areas; prostitution, child slavery, poverty, and disease.  It is hard to say “no” to a man like Benard.  We believe him.  It is the Truth.  And, we shall return.  In May 2019, we will return to Wacharra, Kenya, and Benard will construct a water room for us, and Agua Viva will install a water purification system for his (His) hospital.

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