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In September 2017, Agua Viva dispatched a dedicated team to a large Catholic Church and School in Quezaltepeque, Guatemala: Iglesia Catolico Mixto San Fransisco de Asisi. Beginning with the nicest water room we have ever seen, Agua Viva installed a complete water purification system with the added benefit of a sand filtration system. Although the sand filter adds another level of complexity, the team was up for the challenge and everything is working famously. The team was also blessed with a wonderful group of new local Educators. The Education Team was excited to share the importance of clean drinking water and the new curriculum with the community, church, and school! In a follow-up visit in September 2018 Agua Viva learned that operator Mario is bottling so much water he needed a more efficient way to distribute 5 gallon bottles, so the community helped purchase a motor truck to assist with water delivery. Truly a success story for this community!

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