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Blog Three; Atahualpa

By March 2, 2017March 27th, 2023No Comments

Today, we had a spectacular day! Our team visited a remote village called Atahualpa, Guamote, Ecuador, where a rather large school is nestled in the mountains at 12,500 Feet Elevation.
The children welcomed us like royalty and are hearts were touched at how accepting they were of this team of complete strangers. It is amazing how happy there are, living with so few possessions.

After a few hours of negotiations, and trust building, the community leaders signed a covenant with Agua Viva and we promised to return to provide a complete water purification system. Our team is feeling very blessed today and we all took in the beauty of this place knowing that we had all somehow grown closer to God.

Our new friends were equally impressed that two of our team members were Quechue; this always opens a few doors.

Our last treat of the day, was a grand tour of their husbandry operation where they raise conejos (rabbits) and cuy (guinea pigs). This is big business for these people and quite the delicacy. I made the big mistake of asking, “Is it a boy or girl!!”.

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