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Quezaltepeque, Guatemala

Agua Viva has a new and wonderful opportunity to provide clean ozonated water at a beautiful church and school in Quezaltepeque, Guatemala.  In January 2017, Curt Mader and Dale Bain visited the  Colegio Catolico Privado Mixto San Franscisco de Asis where 500 children attend school with NO access to clean drinking water.

This community was so excited about the prospects of improved health from Agua Viva water that they started water room construction immediately, signed a covenant, and set the date for August 25th, 2017.  The water room is nearly complete!  No turning back now!

A system in this location affords many new advantages for these needy people.  First, five hundred children get parasite free water.  Plus, churches have large volunteer pools to find operators and educators for better sustainability.  Agua Viva’s good friend, Ruben Noguera, has strong contacts in this community which almost certainly guarantees a successful installation.

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