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Exciting New Expansion into Africa

By January 27, 2016March 27th, 2023No Comments

We at Agua Viva are often asked how we determine where our next installation will be and honestly the best answer is… “We go wherever we believe God is calling us to go”.  All of the members of the Agua Viva team would agree that thus far we have been faithful to this calling and now we believe God is opening the door for Agua Viva to expand into Africa.

Call it a miracle or call it a coincidence, a huge opportunity to provide clean drinking water in Tanzania and Kenya has blossomed.

Tanzania, Africa:

2016-01-22_9-14-23Through a series of events, which began with the amazing Miranga Tree and a host of new relationships in Africa, we have begun a wonderful partnership with Paula and Dennis Lofstrom of the International Health Providers (IHP). Paula and Dennis have invited Agua Viva to install a water purification system at one of IHP’s brand new hospitals in Zinga, Tanznaia.  The hospital is under construction now and our qualification team will be headed to Tanzania in April 2016.

Agua Viva.Childrens Hospital ZingaThis hospital in Zinga will provide the first opportunity for thousands of women in Tanzania to obtain hospital care! This new installation will give all the women, children and babies who use this hospital access to pure ozonated water. This new installation will also bring about unique opportunities for the Agua Viva team to educate and empower women in the community through health and sanitation education. Needless to say… we are very excited!

Kenya, Africa:

2016-01-22_9-15-48Just in case we were not excited enough another opportunity has appeared.  During our qualification visit to Tanzania, our team will be visiting two large orphanages in Kinsumu, Kenya.  Both orphanages have over 400 orphaned children and none have ever had clean drinking water.  Largely due to the efforts of Jack Finley, Colby Kinser (Grace Fellowship Church), and Justin Bothwell (, the Agua Viva Qualification Team will drive through the Masai Mar Big Game Reservation in Kenya to these remote orphanages in Ahero and Washara, Kenya.   This is yet another amazing adventure as we follow God’s calling to bring Pure Clean Ozonated Water to Africa.

Thank you for all your support, prayers and encouragement as we continue to follow our mission to bring pure ozonated water, health and sanitation education and the love of God to our brothers and sisters abroad!

The Agua Viva Team

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