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Reflexiones de Moises; Blog Three, Water for Quisqualagua, Honduras

By October 7, 2015March 27th, 2023No Comments

Today, Agua Viva International and the Church of the Resurrection team visited a community and Methodist Church in Quisqualagua, Honduras. The poor community of 500 people surrounding the Church, has never had clean drinking water. The Director of Programs for the Honduras United Methodist Church, Rigo Rios, met with Agua Viva and the President of the local Public Water Works to put together a game plan to bring purified drinking water to this Church, the local public school, and the entire surrounding communities.

DSCN2923.Compressed After lengthy negotiations, all parties agreed that the community needed the Purification System desperately and the Church would be best to administrate the production and distribution of the bottled water. This church is pastored by Pastor Jomi, a woman, and she has been proven to be a strong leader in this community. She was the obvious leader to care for this community and she has already proven to be a great model for gender empowerment. Like Jesus’ parable about the Woman at the Well, we all felt certain that she would understand the importance of sharing the purified water and sharing the “living water”. “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you the Living Water…. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life”. (John 4:10-13)



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