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Relexiones de Moises: Blog 10; What Love is This…

By June 11, 2015March 27th, 2023No Comments

Things started coming together on Thursday, just in time for the celebration.  In walks a gentleman with Senor Gustavo.  Calloused hands, skin like leather, a workman’s clothing, scorched face… He has lived a hard life.   Everything about the looks of this gentleman tells the story of his life.  Nothing comes easy in Flores, Ecuador.  He wanted to meet.Ecuador March 2015 Blog 10a
With his hat in his hand and tear in his eye, he proceeded to tell us, from the bottom of his heart, how much this water means to him and his community.  He could not thank us enough.  “We promise to take care of the water purification system.  We are going to provide water to all 28 communities.”
When we finished talking he stood up and hugged me.  There is just something about that moment; being hugged by a grown man, a man tough as nails, and so sincere.  Sometimes I wonder if I have ever been so sincere.  As we wrapped our work, we knew that something special was taking place this day.
Ecuador March 2015 Blog 10bWhat love is this?  Not romantic love… Not family love… Much deeper than friendship.  It is love born of service and sharing and sacrifice.  I am not sure I experience this kind of love anyplace else.  It is a really marvelous thing.

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