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21 de Abril is a vocational school and grade school located in Flores, Chimborazo, Ecuador (S 1.81783 deg. W 78.64531 deg.). Agua Viva is proud to announce that we have provided a new fully operational water system there serving 450 children and up to 28 surrounding communities.
Our new friends are extremely excited to spread the good word and partake of Agua Viva pure clean ozonated water.  Over 500 indigenous friends joined us for a wonderful dedication ceremony where Agua Viva was pleased to provide dinner, clean drinking water, and 200 courtesy bags with soap, dental floss, toothbrush, and hand towel for all of the children.  To top it off, the choir from Promesa Divina travelled to our site to sing during the afternoon’s festivities.
In September 2015, Agua Viva will return to Ecuador and install yet another new system in Iglesia Cristiana Evangelica Restaurando El Tabernaculo in the community of El Fortin in Guayaquil.  Pastor Nino Medina has signed a covenant with Agua Viva and they are very excited about a future with purified drinking water free of parasites, bacteria, and contamination.

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