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Blog 4 – Jipangato

By October 11, 2014March 27th, 2023No Comments

IMG_5553_1 IMG_5557_1Blog 4 – What Madeers

Ecuador 2014 – Site Investigation in Jipangato, Chimborazo, Ecuador
On Tuesday (9/29/14) the team did a follow-up site visit at our installation at Jipangato. Our team had the pleasure of finally meeting Pastor Moises Vimos Yosaca of Iglesia Evangelica Nueva Vida, whom we had not meet during the October 2013 installation. Moises is the operator of the system and is doing a wonderful job of maintaining the system, which is currently providing clean water to 49 families in Jipangato and Pallantanga, as well as providing 2 bottles a week for the children in the local school. The record keeping by Moises is the most detailed that I have seen to date. I was not with the installation team in October 2013 but heard and saw pictures of the beautiful mountain scenery in this part of Ecuador. The views were better than I expected. Our driver, Roberto Troya, loves to parasail and he thought the mountain terrain was excellent for his sport.

After our site investigation we found a roadside restaurant for lunch and played a friendly game of pool on an outdoor table. The South American team of Wilson and Roberto handily defeated the Americano’s George and Curt.

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