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In September of 2014, Curt Mader and Maritza Yanez traveled to Ecuador to perform three site investigations. They endured a very long day of bumpy car rides to find Pano, Ecuador, in the Amazon lowlands east of Quito. Iglesia Nueva Vida Pano was eager to negotiate a covenant. Agua Viva is trying to balance limited resources with a seemingly endless demand for purified drinking water in Ecuador. Probably the most important aspect of the trip was Curt and Maritza negotiated with the communities of Gompuene where the Agua Viva System had been forcefully removed in 2013. The communities agreed that 21deAbril would be an agreeable “alternative” site. Curt and Maritza then successfully negotiated a covenant at 21deAbril Vocational School in Flores, Ecuador. Agua Viva quickly began preparations to return in March 2015 for this important installation.