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Reflexiones de Moises; Blog Three

By November 1, 2013March 27th, 2023No Comments


Sometimes I get so excited about all the relationships, beautiful countryside, travel, and “deals”, that I almost forget that we are there to install a water system.

The “Living Waters for the World” Purification Systems are simply ideal for our new friends.  They require almost no maintenance and they cost almost nothing to operate.  They have three stages of microfiltration and the final stage is 0.5 microns; yes, that is ½ of one millionth of one meter.  Only a few viruses can survive through this “tortuous” path.  Anything that does get through is immediately “zapped” by the Ozonator.  Plus, as a side benefit, the Ozone provides “residual” in the bottles for approximately 30 to 90 days.

This System is something our new friends can be proud of.  It instills hope and pride in the community and they look great.  Agua Viva has been very fortunate in that our friends have all done a terrific job making sure we had a secure and clean room to install our systems.

This is just one more thing that makes our trips so successful.

Gompuene Water System Jipongato Water System

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