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Making New Friends

By July 20, 2012March 27th, 2023One Comment

Wednesday night the Agua Viva Team worked until 10:00 pm (no dinner tonight) finishing up a few difficult details of the water system. It is now ready for leak testing. It was a huge last minute push and the Ecuadorians stayed by our side to last minute.

Since there was no education on Wednesday, Raquel Poz Diaz and Mario and I, headed up to Pallatonga about 1-1/2 hour away all the way down to 7,500 feet elevation. The people there live in desperate conditions among an abundance of Mora (red berries) and frijoles (bean crops). I think what they need most is Health Education and Evangelism. They are hard workers but they need a lot of help… especially health and hygiene education. They are very spiritual and we prayed together in their little church.

This is the church in the village near Pallatonga.

Then, on Thursday, the whole team travelled up the mountain again to Gompuena. We had a very nice reception and the part of the Water Team jumped right in and started discussing a possible covenant. During the discussions, the rest of the team went on a mountain climbing tour of the hillside.

In the afternoon, Curt Mader, Mario Mejia, and I went to the University ESPOCH and talked to the Vice-Chancellor about creating an accreditted class at the University on Water Purification. We have many details to work out but the University gave us a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) to begin negotiations.

On Thursday, the Agua Viva Team met with the University ESPOCH to discuss partnering.

We have a lot to think about.


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    Wow. Long hours and still blogging away. Thanks for making us feel like a part of the effort. Nice use of captions on the pictures in your post, too. Next you can look at Categories. You’re going to be a master in not time!

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