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Measure Twice, Cut Once

By June 23, 2012March 27th, 2023No Comments

Saturday felt like Monday at Eglesia Evangelica Presbiteriana Eben Ezer as the elders and deacons hit a home run with the level of preparation and work completed prior to our arrival.

When we loaded the bus to return to Cantel around 5, we were already filling the raw water tank! The education team met all afternoon and got their program lined out. The installation team split into different areas and supervised teams from Eben Ezer as the board, tanks, and sink started coming together quickly.

Sunday will likely see us finish the system installation which (knock on wood) will allow us to spend the week on visits to our other sites, and building relationships in the community.

Today was also a day of statistics, thanks to D.C. Freemyer, who tracked our bus ride back from the village on his iPhone app. Eben Ezer is about an hour and a half from the hotel in Cantel, but it’s not as far as it sounds when you hear the stats. Our total distance traveled was only 22 miles! Our average speed traveled on a pot hole-filled stop-and-start journey was a little over 17 miles per hour!

The application also tracked elevation so we now know our hotel is at 7,622′. The highest elevation we hit, which was a little before the church, is 9,079′.

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