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Curt Mader, CEO of non-profit Agua Viva International, will be the proud recipient of the Buck O’Neal Legacy Seat when the Kansas City Royals play the Boston

Red Sox  at 7:15 pm, on June 19, 2017.  Please watch us on TV!  Or, better yet, come to the Royals Stadium and watch us on the big screen!  Curt Mader and Agua Viva International have installed 15 water purification systems in poor indigenous communities of Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, and Tanzania, Africa.  Each system serves a community of about 2,000 people.  More than three million people die each year from water related illnesses and nearly one billion people in our world have no access to clean drinking water.  Agua Viva also brings health and hygiene education and dental serves to these communities touching the lives of thousands.  Curt Mader, in addition to his full time employment at Olsson and Associates, has worked tirelessly to build this Kansas City based humanitarian organization from scratch to lift up and embrace the needy people of our thirsty world.

For more information about the Buck O’Neil Legacy Seat click here: