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Blog 6 – What Madeers – 21 de Abril Site Investigation

By October 11, 2014March 27th, 2023No Comments

Ecuador 2014 – Site Investigation in Flores, Chimborazo, Ecuador

On Thursday (10/2/14) the team did a site investigation at a school in Flores call 21 de Abril. We were led to this school by Jose Antonio Pene who is a political leader in the area, as well as being involved in the water supply and distribution in the Gompene area. Unfortunately the community of Gompuene disassembled the system we installed in October 2013 due to issues of one group selling “community” water. Through research of water rights laws by Martiza, and feedback from the community/school leaders we learned that the selling of community water has become nearly illegal, so the communities are looking to operate the water purification systems and perform the bottling operations with volunteers and not charging for the water. Once a system and bottles are provided by Agua Viva the community will work together and provide the monetary support to operate and maintain the system.

 Our meeting with the school leaders at 21 de Abril went very well and they hope to see a system installed at the school in2015, which will provide clean water to 300 children as well as the surrounding community.



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