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The Assembly of God Feeding Center in Guapinol, Honduras is a quant fishing village not far for the Pacific Coast.  In communities like this, they work hard and their health is paramount to survival.  Having a good source of purified drinking water enables the community to be more productive and keeps the children in school.

This very poor community has never had access to purified drinking water.  Our new Operating Partners were excited to get started bottling water and distributing water to the surrounding community.

We are now happy to report that the AOGFC is reporting a high water production. After a short time of operations, Pastor Ilmo called requesting more bottler caps and seals. That represents 1,200 bottles in only 3 months. Agua Viva is so pleased that we can do this much good in their community.

In the next couple of weeks, Rigo Rigoberto will performing two additional Site Investigations in the southern part of Honduras; not very far from Guapinol.