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Help bring life-giving, purified drinking water to communities in need.

An international organization, Agua Viva brings health and hope to remote communities where governments and other water charities do not work.


Purified Water Changes Lives

Millions of people in poor and isolated communities worldwide have no option but to draw their cooking and drinking water from dirty streams. Consuming contaminated water causes almost-constant illness and, sometimes, death. Consider, for example:

Women and children, particularly girls, bear the primary responsibility for water collection in many households. This role often requires hours every day — time not spent working at an income-generating job, caring for family members or attending school.

Agua Viva sees the people in these communities as our brothers and sisters. That’s why we focus on bringing them health and hope through purified water. Introducing an accessible, sustainable purified water source eliminates water-borne disease, empowers women and provides each community with safe water for generations to come.

Agua Viva Long-Term Impact

Agua Viva Delivers Long-Term Impact

Agua Viva installs water purification and bottling systems in remote communities where governments and other charitable water organizations don’t work. We build respectful friendships first, working in partnership with each community to set up its system. We provide health and hygiene education and train a team to carry on this important teaching. Each community owns, maintains and operates its system. The bottling operations empower women with micro-business opportunities and by reducing the time they must spend collecting water. Agua Viva’s approach ensures immediate and sustainable impact through locally led solutions.

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Your Support Makes a Difference

Every donation to Agua Viva creates impact in communities around the world, helping to provide water purification systems that achieve these results:

72,000 people

in five countries who now have access to purified drinking water from Agua Viva water purification and bottling systems in their communities

Agua Viva Education / School

50% increase

in school attendance when students drink Agua Viva purified water

5 hours

women and girls in Agua Viva communities gain each day to work, care for their families and attend school because they no longer have to walk for water

Women receive education, training and work opportunities, gaining business skills in water system operation and community health and hygiene education.